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About our family

Joe and Serena live on the Comox Lake in Cumberland BC on Vancouver Island.  They both are very active playing in the mountains either on a bike, on foot or at the end of a rope so when they decided to get another dog they researched to find a dog that was just as active as they were. When they found what they were looking for they discovered there were no puppies available in North America. They did find an amazing sir named Hektor in Nanaimo which then sparked their interest to breed these awesome dogs and started to look over seas for a . Yuki was found in Slovakia at a reputable breeder named Balihara Ranch  At 12 weeks Yuki was flown to us and we have been in love ever since.

The Team

Serena & Joe

Serena works in the social services field and Joe is a Safety Technician at a mine. When they are not out on adventures they are working on their garden or property to make it more sustainable.

Baby yuki.jpg

Yuki is a very funny, loving, and courageous dog. She likes to be around other dogs and people although new people have to prove to be trustworthy. Her favorite place  to be  is around water, snow and rocks.


Hektor Blaeshunde USA was bred in the Netherlands and born in California, from a litter of 12! Hek is thoughtful, intense, and very loving. He loves to strut his stuff in the show ring and won his first Championship  at age 2. Hektor’s enthusiasm and zest for life are his most admirable qualities, making him a joy to trial. He loves his “people” more than anything hence his nickname “ Hektor the Protector”

Our Team
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